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MEDICARE Clinic, The Gambia, relies in part, on charitable gifts, grants, contributions and donations to support its medical activities. Funds received from solicitation are strictly used for a charitable purpose only. Donors may also specify the area and how they may wish their funds to be used. Such funds when received shall only be used for that purpose.

However, the founder, Mrs. Annmary Shallop has greatly invested a lot in providing the basic operational infrastructures such as a modern building that befits a standard clinic, some pieces of clinic furniture etc. We therefore welcome donations both in cash or kind from good-spirited organisations or individuals to complement the philanthropic efforts of the founder. Such materials may be: drugs, Laboratory equipment, theater equipment, clinic furniture etc. To ensure transparency and proper management of donations both in cash and kind, we have designated officials whose main duty is to keep track record of all donations received and prepare a comprehensive financial record and as well inventory of all donations received.

We ventured into this project with confidence hoping to improve the level of specialist medical services in The Gambia just like every other developing country. There are lots of cases whereby patients are left to their fate just because they cannot afford specialist treatments for their ailments. Most of them are discharged from the hospitals and sent home helplessly with the reason that their sicknesses could not be treated due to lack of specialist medical facilities here in the Gambia.


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