Medicare Support Gambia Clinic

 Medicare Clinic, The Gambia

 An Ultra-Modern Clinic offering affordable Medical Services.

An Ultra-Modern Clinic offering affordable Medical Services

An Ultra-Modern Clinic offering affordable Medical Services

Medicare Clinic runs as a complete health service provider; delivering clinical services to anyone that visits the clinic.

The Vision

This idea was conceived a few years back by the Founder, Mrs. Annmary Shallop to whom God has given a big heart and made her an instrument of support and care for the less privileged in the society. Her experience in the area of pharmaceutical sector exposed her to the difficulties faced by some patients visiting the pharmacy who could not afford the cheapest medicines prescribed for them. Oftentimes she had paid the bills for these under privileged fellow Gambians. As years went by, more people were benefiting from her benevolence. At a point, the vision of establishing a Health Charity to better streamline what has become a passion of her life became very visible. Hence, what is now known as MEDICARE support Gambia Clinic was born.

The Goal

The main goal of this organization is to provide affordable healthcare to the general public. Some of our services are designed in a special way in order to reach out and touch the various health needs of the Gambia populace.

The Gambia is fast developing therefore; standard infrastructures and amenities are becoming increasingly needful. The society is getting very much sensitized on the importance of good health and quality medical care. As a result, there is increasing demand for quality medical services, promptness as well as courtesy. This can only be had in an ultra-modern Medical Centre. The purpose of this project therefore is to effectively and adequately deliver quality, standard and affordable healthcare Service to the satisfaction of the public while still maintaining affordability.


The Clinic is located at Brusubi, a fast growing metropolitan settlement area.. This area is known for its serenity and decency which we find advantageous for a project of this nature. It is also easily accessible, with good roads and free of traffic congestions as experienced in other parts of the city.