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We seek to improve the quality of people’s lives through focusing on their health and well-being. Quite simply, we want to help people live a healthy, fulfilled life. As the widely preferred outlet in the Gambia Pharmaceutical market, our efforts are geared towards maintaining the standard and thereby improving people’s lives through our quality healthcare services and the promotion of standard medicinal products. We also aim at giving our quota in combating global healthcare challenges by focusing on delivering better quality healthcare at affordable costs. Our objective towards the wholesale is the same -to stock wide range of products as much as possible while still maintaining our quality and affordable standard. Our main request from potential partners is to believe in quality. We also expect support in the marketing and promotion of their products and services in the Gambia. We on our part will do all that is possible to create a better avenue for the products to penetrate the Gambia market and facilitate the registration process.


  • To be a company that serves the healthcare needs of people around the world.
  • To be driven by the passion for on time services standard.
  • To be a company that everybody will be proud to work with.
  • To have uncompromising standard.
  • To give our partners long term value.
  • To put out employees to reach their individual goals of excellence.
  • To adhere to environment and safety standards.
  • To put customer satisfaction at the very top of our agenda
  • To achieve consistent growth years after years


STOP STEP PHARMACY has imparted the lives of many and has gradually become a household name both within the country and abroad! As a result of our friendly and quality service, Tourists who had the opportunity to associate will us while visiting the country had always gone back with satisfaction and had always recommended us to their friends and loved ones who might visit The Gambia.

Through hard work and dedicated service to humanity, we have earned a reputable status which we are highly proud of.  It’s a common slogan that “…If you don’t find it in STOP STEP, don’t bother looking elsewhere”



We believe that quality healthcare is the foundation of a better life. To achieve this we give our Pharmacists the tools and resources to deliver this quality every day. Our future is looking equally bright; especially with our ULTRA-MODERN MEDICAL CENTRE Project which when fully executed will emerge as an advanced medical facility with powerful diagnostic capacity. This is our baby project which we intend to run as a non-profitable project hoping to provide excellent Medical and Diagnostic services to the Gambia populace at subsidized and affordable cost. As a socially conscious and responsible company, STOPSTEP PHARMACY sees the necessity to engage proactively with communities, besides raising societal awareness about healthcare. Being a successful and growing global pharmaceutical company, we feel it is our responsibility to give back to the community.

Hence, this project is geared towards achieving this purpose. The Centre will run as a low cost Clinic for people who cannot afford proper medical care. We would therefore welcome interested partners to join us in this noble course. The Medical Centre will cover the following areas: Well-equipped Ultra-Modern Laboratory, Dentistry, and General Practitioner clinic, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Dietitian, Cosmetologist, Urology

Stop step pharmacy started more than a decade ago as a small part of the then nationally known stop step and shop supermarket which was located at Kairaba Avenue, Serrekunda, The Gambia. It was a pet project of Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Shallot, the Directors. The more to establish a pharmacy outlet was inspired by customers of the supermarket who were always complaining of lack of accessibility to quality and affordable drugs on the thriving business area Kairaba Avenue.

This impressed on her open a small dray store to serve the inter est. of the customs within a time, the drag store grew so much that the supermarket was forced to relinquish half its space to accommodate the drag store, which by than had been upgraded to a fully fledged pharmacy.

In 1998, we opened our first branch at Kairaba Avenue which Market the beginning of the unimaginable journey into pharmacy business. Although we were optimistic that thing were going to grow into one of the largest pharmacy in the country. This we achieved by offering the best possible service and products to our patients.  And that’s why we’ve been able to expand our pharmacy operations to 6 retail outlets and 2 wholesale outlets.